2 Months Ago, I Made a Covenant

Sometimes you feel like you have always been connected to someone, yet you have only known them for a short period of time. I've heard Bill Vanderbush say that we have all actually known each other from the beginning of time, but we are just coming into knowing that we know each other. We are … Continue reading 2 Months Ago, I Made a Covenant


Boundaries (KYLO Series, Part 3)

This is part two in the three part series over a by Danny Silk, titled Keep Your Love On! Connection, Communication and Boundaries. Read part 1.┬áRead part 2. Section Three - Boundaries 8. Levels of Intimacy "You are responsible to manage different levels of intimacy, responsibility, influence, and trust with people in your life. Likewise, … Continue reading Boundaries (KYLO Series, Part 3)