Good | You Are: Album Insights

“Why do you call me good? Only God is good.” – Jesus

This track features Bill Vanderbush. I had the opportunity to be ministered and taught by this guy for a few years, a few years that radically transformed by life. When I started putting this album together, I knew I had to have a track with him on it.

One of the main subjects from the past few years has simply been this: “God is good”. Though it is almost a cliche christian phrase, it has so much more weight and depth to it than that.

God is so good. He is for you. He is a Father! We are his children.

Unfortunately people don’t know him as this.

If you ask anyone “Why did Jesus come to earth?”. The first thing people will say is “to die for our sins”. Jesus did come to do that, and he did, thank you Jesus! But, he had other objectives as well.

God the Father had been so misrepresented and confused by others that Jesus had to come and reveal who he actually was. God is good, and all that God did, Jesus did. Gods character is fully manifested as the man Jesus, the living word. Jesus revealed how good God truly is, and he has always been that way. He is with you and he is for you.

“You’re a good good Father, that’s who you are, that’s who you are”.

More Info:

“You Are: Album Insights” is a series on my recent album, that you can listen to here!, about how and why I made this album.

  1. New Beginnings (intro)
  2. Beautiful

Or download the album from here!
Check out the website for more insight into the album and other music here.
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Photo by Christin Hume


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