Wanted | You Are: Album Insights

The voice on this is the lovely and full of fire, Heidi Baker. She is so amazing and always brings it. If you want to know how your heavenly daddy thinks of you, just spend time watching videos of her speaking. You will start too feel what she does.

Jesus not only came to reveal the Father, but he came to die, so that we could live. So that we could be in perfect unity with the Father. He risked it all, so that he could be with you. Nothing can come in the way of his desire for you.

You are wanted.

Don’t forget it.

More Info:

“You Are: Album Insights” is a series on my recent album, that you can listen to here!, about how and why I made this album.

  1. New Beginnings (intro)
  2. Beautiful
  3. Good

Or download the album from here!
Check out the website for more insight into the album and other music here.
Follow me on Instagram @yeddiejones for more music making.
Photo by Christin Hume


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