Loved (outro) | You Are: Album Insights

After many months (8 to be exact) of working on the album, working on promotional content, releasing the album and then doing a blog series, we have come to the finale. Woo!

The song opens with the lovely sound of nature. It then takes you through a little adventure. One that is meant to speak life and love over you. To bring encouragement and build you up. It is also meant to reinforce some of the themes presented throughout the album.

The voices on this track were my lovely friends. They did such a wonderful job, and brought the heart of the father to the track. Thank you all so much.

Well, that’s about it. I’ve enjoyed the journey of creating and learning something new. I hope you have enjoyed as well! And remember, you are as God says you are. You are so much more than you think. You are loved.

More Info:

“You Are: Album Insights” is a series on my recent album, that you can listen to here!, about how and why I made this album.

  1. New Beginnings (intro)
  2. Beautiful
  3. Good
  4. Wanted
  5. The Thief and the Giver
  6. Kingdom

Or download the album from here!
Check out the website for more insight into the album and other music here.
Follow me on Instagram @yeddiejones for more music making.
Photo by Christin Hume


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