All Bad Theology Will Die

Conversations with other Christians about controversial topics, such as race, politics and theology, can get heated and out of hand if you are with the wrong people.

I’ve had solid convos where I disagreed with some theology, but we remained chill and calm and actually listened to each other. At some point, someone will say, “At the end of the day, the core beliefs of Christianity are the truth that we all hold on to. All the other stuff is up in the air. Jesus is King and gives grace and salvation to us. And that is what really matters.”

I’m starting to wonder if this actually is true.

Recently I have started to wonder if eternal hell is actually biblical. If you grew up in church, more than likely you will think I am crazy for saying that. Which is why I bring it up.

There are people that don’t believe in Hell at all. There are people who believe in different view points of Hell. If someone doesn’t believe X about Hell, does that disqualify them from being labelled a “Christian”?

What makes you a Christian? Most would say that you believe in the normal bible doctrine, which are the core beliefs of Christianity. Except, I found that on most sites stating this Doctrine, eternal hell is one of the points. So, if you don’t believe in eternal hell, you technically aren’t a Christian. According to these sites.

I have a couple Jehovahs Witnesses friends, aka they come to my door every so often, that I’ve chatted a little with. I told one of the groups that I was a Christian, and they were sure to hit the point that they were Christians too. Except, they don’t believe in the trinity. Or that Jesus is God. Or in the person of the Holy Spirit.

You see where I’m going with this?

Where is the line drawn? Is there a line?

At each passing day I continue to believe this thought that I had earlier this year. That at some point, all bad theology will have to die. If Truth really is a thing, then it will win. Therefore, anything that we believe that is False, will have to be put to death. 

Is there False things I’m believing now? Sure. How about the church I go to? Yup. How about the church you go to? For sure.

We all have lies that have settled into us, and those must be uprooted and leave. There are lies within the church that have to leave. These False things can not stay.

Since the church was first started there were things in society that influenced the church. Some of that stuff still hangs around today. This is unacceptable. The Kingdom of God must fulfill all that is. It is ever growing and expanding. It is our job to partner with Truth and bring fulness and reconciliation to all.

No church has things 100% right. Why? Because we are a body. We all need each other and we all need everyone to be 100%. I can’t stand on my own. This means that the lies our different denominations believe, will have to die. They have to.

Let me be clear. I’m not saying all of our perspectives have to die and everyone vote for the same person or something. God has made us unique, all with different perspectives that need to be used for God’s full glory to manifest on earth. Agreement isn’t unity. But. Unity doesn’t mean letting lies linger around.

The church will come into agreement on theology.

But until that day, let’s pursue the King and his Kingdom. And let not our selfish desires, to be right, ruin all that God has for us.

Photo by ALIAKSEI LEPIK on Unsplash


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