Are You Pro-Life?

This is a question that has been argued about from across the aisle.

The left says the right isn’t pro-life because they don’t care about the baby after they are born.

The right says the left isn’t pro-life because of abortion.

Is one side right?

How mad are you when you read this?

I recently found a guy who wrote a little ebook about the meaning of Pro-Life. And it is pretty good. Though I don’t come to his same political conclusions, he brings up a lot of things that we Christians should think about and discuss.

Being pro-life should affect what kind of eggs you buy, where you get your clothes, and whether you recycle. And it should cause you to correct your four-year-old when he smashes an anthill.

Because all life is a gift from God. And we should care for it as such.

Ken Reid

You can find the ebook at It’s free!

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash


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