The Problem With Today’s Gospel

If you've been a part of the Christian world for any sort of time you've heard the term "The Gospel". This has actually become sort of a buzz word. We all say it, but we all don't mean the same thing. Usually I hear it used in the context of spreading the gospel/getting people saved. … Continue reading The Problem With Today’s Gospel


Loved (outro) | You Are: Album Insights

After many months (8 to be exact) of working on the album, working on promotional content, releasing the album and then doing a blog series, we have come to the finale. Woo! The song opens with the lovely sound of nature. It then takes you through a little adventure. One that is meant to speak … Continue reading Loved (outro) | You Are: Album Insights

Boundaries (KYLO Series, Part 3)

This is part two in the three part series over a by Danny Silk, titled Keep Your Love On! Connection, Communication and Boundaries. Read part 1. Read part 2. Section Three - Boundaries 8. Levels of Intimacy "You are responsible to manage different levels of intimacy, responsibility, influence, and trust with people in your life. Likewise, … Continue reading Boundaries (KYLO Series, Part 3)