New Beginnings (intro) | You Are: Album Insights

Back in 2016 I put my first music out on Soundcloud. Ironically, It was named Beginnings (you can listen to that here). I had put a few instrumentals together that I believed were good enough to share with the SC world. So I did. I was pretty nervous putting any music out in the wild, … Continue reading New Beginnings (intro) | You Are: Album Insights


Boundaries (KYLO Series, Part 3)

This is part two in the three part series over a by Danny Silk, titled Keep Your Love On! Connection, Communication and Boundaries. Read part 1. Read part 2. Section Three - Boundaries 8. Levels of Intimacy "You are responsible to manage different levels of intimacy, responsibility, influence, and trust with people in your life. Likewise, … Continue reading Boundaries (KYLO Series, Part 3)